Shamisen Box

Our goal is to make the shamisen sound heard in everyday life.
It is a new type of wagakki that is always nice to have around, not just for a special time.

Shamisen Box


Detailed form and decoration

This is not a reduction from a shamisen.
This is an addition to the base type.
The function + the form + the parts + the sound
equals a close resemblance to a shamisen.

Shamisen Box
Shamisen Box
Shamisen Box
You can choose from thick or thin neck(futo-zao or hoso-zao)

You can choose from thick or thin neck(futo-zao or hoso-zao).

Azuma sawari is sttached.

Azuma sawari is sttached.


The best characteristic of this is that it is easy to carry and play!

It’s easy to carry!
It’s easy to play!
It has a soft sound!
So it’s not tiring to play and not tiring to listen to.

Shamisen Box


When you play this, you can feel ‘Japan’.

The body has synthetic leather, so there are no worries about it getting wet or breaking.
The sound that you make will brighten your character and confidence.

Shamisen Box


Shamisen Box size
  • 950 mm
  • 454 mm
  • thick:29 mm
  • thin:22 mm
  • 180 mm
  • 180 mm
  • thick:25 mm
  • thin:22 mm
  • 70 mm
thin/625g thick/655g
Neck and tuning pegs: walnut wood
Body: Paulownia wood
Synthetic leather (both sides)
Bridge (Koma): plastic 9mm high
Body cover (Doukake) 100% cotton
Strings: low string: silk 16-1, middle string: silk 14-2, high string: nylon 13-3


Buy in bulk, now!

Get what you want with additional options for your carrier and budget.

Basic set

Kobachi (Small pick for shamisen), Textbook

Shamisen Box Basic set

Deluxe set

Plastic Bachi, Soft case, Replacement strings, Textbook, Tuner, Finger slider, Cloth

Shamisen Box Deluxe set

Deluxe with Online Learning

Deluxe set + Online Learnig

Shamisen Box Deluxe set
Easy,Shamisen Learning
1 / 4
Shamisen Box

Shamisen Box

定價 ₱12,200.00 PHP
定價 售價 ₱12,200.00 PHP
特價 售罄
Thickness of neck

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