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SASARA; Ancient Musical Instrument

SASARA; Ancient Musical Instrument

A musical instrument used in Japan's oldest folk song, "Kokiriko-bushi," which has been handed down in Toyama Prefecture.
Not only can it be used as a musical instrument, but it can also be hung or placed in a room, or used as a decoration to ward off evil at home.
Kokirikobushi is the oldest folk song in Japan that has been handed down in the Gokayama region of Nanto City, Toyama Prefecture.
The "sasara" used for this is a musical instrument that makes a mysterious rustling sound when the strips of cedar or other small boards are tied together with strings and shaken by holding the handles on both ends, causing the pieces of wood to hit each other.
From its sound, it may have been thought that it was appropriate to call the god of the rice field, and it became an indispensable instrument for the performing arts of dengaku and rice planting. It seems that there are various theories that it was used as a musical instrument by the Fushi.
It's nice to decorate it as an actual instrument or as a display.

Biggest 115cm
Big 98cm
Medium 86cm
Small 62cm
Mini 43cm
Japanese cypress (Biggest, Big, Medium)
Yellow cedar (small, mini)

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