KIKI x Beginner Shamisen Set

An authentic Futozao (thick neck) shamisen with Azuma Sawari attached, a plastic Bachi customized for Tsugaru Shamisen, Yubikake, and a soft case.
This is a great way to get started with a real Tsugaru Shamisen.

Tsugaru Shamisen special set

No worry about tearing because of Synthetic skin

There is no need to worry about the skin tearing, so you can enjoy playing anytime, anywhere.

Tsugaru Shamisen special set
Tsugaru Shamisen special set
Tsugaru Shamisen special set
With the purchase of any these products, you will receive an except of a score for a KIKI original song!
Please select from the drop-down menu when you make your purchase.

Contents of the All-in-One set

Shamisen main body

Shamisen main body





Finger slider


Dust cloth for instrument

Soft case *the color cannot be chosen

Textbook “Super easy! Shamisen”

Text book 'How to play shamisen' English ver.

You can choose from 3 types of body cover (Doukake)


Tsugaru Shamisen size
  • 1010 mm
  • 610 mm
  • 30  mm
  • 240 mm
  • 200 mm
  • 108 mm
  • 39 mm
  • 108 mm
Neck: Red oak from Africa, Nobezao neck with number seal attached
Body: Red oak
Skin: Synthetic skin
String : Low string made of silk/Middle string made of silk/High string made of nylon
Pick: Plastic
Bridge:Made of bamboo: 8.0mm high
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KIKI x Beginner Shamisen Set

KIKI x Beginner Shamisen Set

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