E SHABO (Electric Shamisen Box)

Built-in microphone! 
Directly connected to an amplifier!
You can make your own sound with effects!

Shamisen Box

E-SHABO in the video is an old model; the photo on this website shows the latest model.

Ele SHABO is…

Built-in condenser microphone for shamisen in the body,
Just insert a cable, and it connects to the audio system directly.
This is a unique shamisen with which people can enjoy the electric shamisen sound!


We recommend E-SHABO for players who...

want to play at a big live-hall,
want to make a sound with effects,
and want to put a shamisen sound in computer music!

Shamisen Box


Unconnected to the ampfier, it doesn't make a loud sound.

So you can practice in the middle of the night.
When you connect it to the amplifier, it's easy to make a loud sound!
You can play as much as you want even in the middle of the night, so it's very suitable for people living in an apartment who can’t make a loud noise.


Shamisen Box size
  • 780 mm
  • 480mm
  • 25 mm
  • 180 mm
  • 180 mm
  • 23 mm
  • 68 mm
Sao&Itomaki(pegs): Pine laminated wood
Dou: Paulownia wood
Skin: Synthetic shamisen skin
Koma: plastic
Doukake(body cover) cotton100%
String: low string: silk 16-1 middle string: tetron 16-2 high string: tetron 13-3

This does not include the cable or the amplifier.
Please note that the actual color of the product may appear slightly different, because they are all handmade.


Buy in bulk, now!

Get what you want with additional options for your carrier and budget.

Basic set

Kobachi (Small pick for shamisen), Textbook

Shamisen Box Basic set

Deluxe set

Plastic Bachi, Soft case, Replacement strings, Textbook, Tuner, Finger slider, Cloth

Shamisen Box Deluxe set

Deluxe with Online Learning

Deluxe set + Online Learnig

Shamisen Box Deluxe set
Easy,Shamisen Learning
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E SHABO (Electric Shamisen Box)

E SHABO (Electric Shamisen Box)

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