Shamisen Box mini

Make the enjoyment of Shamisen cheaper.
A Shamisen teacher in Japan developed this.
He made it in answer to the voices of students for “cheapness,” "stability,” and "easiness.”

Shamisen Box


Point 1: Reasonable price:

What a waste that the instrument is so expensive that you can't start this!
I don’t want to spend so much money in the beginning…
For those people, you can begin Shamisen for less than half the price of the real Shamisen.
Because the body is made of paulownia wood, and the neck is made of laminated pine wood, we are able to cut down on the cost.


Point 2: Soft sound.

The sound is not so loud, so you can play anytime and anywhere!
Shamisen Box has a soft sound! You can play without disturbing others!!

Shamisen Box


Point 3: So light that it's easy to pick up

The weigh of Shamisen box is almost same as plastic bottle of 500ml.
You can put it anywhere, so you can pick it up anytime you want!

Shamisen Box


Point 4: Lots of ingenuity that's easy to understand.

Lots of ingenuity that's easy to understand.
There is a finger board already on the neck, so you can easily understand where to position your fingers.
There are squares and rectangles as well as numbers on the fingerboard, so kids and people with poor eyesight can easily see them.

An Azuma-Sawari makes the authentic sound.
By attaching the Azuma-sawari, you can get closer to the sound of the shamisen.
If you pay an additional 5000 yen, you can get it with Azuma-Sawari.

Shamisen Box size
  • 800 mm
  • 455 mm
  • 22 mm
  • 180 mm
  • 180  mm
  • 24 mm
  • 70 mm
Sao&Itomaki(pegs): Pine laminated wood(No paint)
Dou: Paulownia wood
Skin: Synthetic shamisen skin
Koma: plastic
Doukake(body cover) cotton100%
String: low string: silk 16-1 middle string: silk 14-2 high string: nylon 13-3

Buy in bulk, now!

Get what you want with additional options for your carrier and budget.

Basic set

Kobachi (Small pick for shamisen), Textbook

Shamisen Box Basic set

Deluxe set

Plastic Bachi, Soft case, Replacement strings, Textbook, Tuner, Finger slider, Cloth

Shamisen Box Deluxe set

Deluxe with Online Learning

Deluxe set + Online Learnig

Shamisen Box Deluxe set
Easy,Shamisen Learning
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Shamisen Box mini

Shamisen Box mini

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