Standard Shamisen Set

This is the most desired one for Shamisen beginners. It contains everything you need.
You can start playing from the day you receive it.

No worry about tearing because of Synthetic skin

You don’t have to worry about breaking the skin.
You can enjoy playing the shamisen anywhere at any time.

Contents of the All-in-One set

Shamisen main body





Textbook “Super easy! Shamisen”

Postcard (KIKI autographed)

Tsugaru Shamisen size
  • 1010 mm
  • 610 mm
  • 30  mm
  • 240 mm
  • 200 mm
  • 108 mm
  • 39 mm
  • 108 mm
Neck: Red oak from Africa, Nobezao neck with number seal attached
Body: Red oak
Skin: Synthetic skin
String : Low string made of silk/Middle string made of silk/High string made of nylon
Bachi: Plastic
Bridge:Made of bamboo: 8.0mm high

Buy in bulk, now!

Get what you want with additional options for your carrier and budget.

Basic set

Bachi (made of Plastic), Yubikake、cloth、Textbook

Deluxe set

Bachi (made of Plastic), Soft case for shamisen, yubikake, Cloth、Textbook、Replacement strings、Tuner

Replacement strings

Replacement strings



Deluxe with Online Learning

Deluxe set + Online Learnig

Easy,Shamisen Learning

If you pay an extra 5000yen when you purchase items,you can get a free 'b' lesson

package of online videos and one online lesson.
See details below...

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Standard Shamisen Set

Standard Shamisen Set

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